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Setniwas Vashist, who was born and raised in India, learned yoga at a very young age from the esteemed Guru, Dhirendera Brahmachari. He earned a certificate to teach sports yoga from NESTA when he arrived to the U.S. With over 30 years of experience and countless classes, Mr. Vashist travelled from India to America. He lived for twenty-five years in New York, establishing his company name and learning about ayurveda. With his family, Mr. Vashist then moved to Florida where he opened his yoga studio. His son, Nikhil Vashist, soon joined him in the field as both a yoga instructor and personal trainer. They both worked for two years at the West Star Gym. Mr. Vashist often went to yoga conventions and made temporary stays teaching in Poland, Thailand, Australia, The Netherlands, and South Africa. Now he is back in Florida, opening a branch of Sets Yoga in Minneola.


Setniwas Vashist, the owner:

At the age of eighteen, he went to an ashram with his elder brother (Ramniwas Vashist) and trained under the expert guidance of Guru Dhirendra Bhrahmchari. After five years, Mr. Vashist went to Germany and, soon after, to New York. There, he gained experience working for his brother at the Vishwa Yatna Yog Ashram. He married and settled with his wife in New York. Mr. Vashist moved to Florida and opened a studio there. He turned his company into a travelling yoga service, often going to other countries to train and give people ayurvedic herbs. During this time, he also completed a course of ayurveda and alternate medicines. Now he is in Florida with his family, and ready to help you.


Nikhil Vashist, the vice president:

Learning yoga with his father, Nikhil started taking classes for young children at the age of 15. In Florida, he started to take classes for adults as well. Along with high school, Nikhil completed courses for sports yoga from NESTA, personal training from NASM, and nutrition also from NASM. Nikhil is currently pursuing a degree in Sports Medicine from the United States Sports Academy in Alabama. Nikhil accompanied his father on trips to various countries to learn more about the way the business worked.